About Veluna

"Raw, contemporary and delicately gorgeous is Veluna" 

Veluna is a conscious line of jewellery that is infused with magical healing energies and vibrations. My intention is to spread healing across the globe with these delicate pieces and bring inspiration and a little light for each wearer. Veluna’s precious gemstones are sourced from a number of locations around the world which are chosen for their mystical properties then brought to life in simple, unique & innovative designs that create an inspiring story. I believe that each stone has a different connection with each soul and should be chosen by attraction for this is what you need at the time.




Veluna was born out of my personal and creative journey to find truth, purpose and healing and share it with others. As an established designer I spent my early career designing clothing and accessories for some of Australia’s most established brands before launching my own line where I began custom designing for major Australian retailers. Looking for greater inspiration & meaning to drive my design, I travelled around the world where I discovered the powerful healing qualities of crystals which I used for my own transformation. When I returned to Australia, I combined the study of energetic healing with my love for design, precious metals and stones. 

Along this creative journey many crystals have shown up on my path to help me find within myself willpower, focus and strength, to integrate energies and turn my negatives into positives - all aligning me with my soul purpose of healing. These are the stones that I feature in my design, combined with silver, copper and brass which too hold beautiful energies in their own right. Each crystal is carefully hand chosen for its vibrations, which I feel on a very knowing level. I then attune each stone with healing energy and cleanse it by very intentionally shifting any negative energy. So much love and care goes into each piece and I share a part of myself in each design and creation. With Much Love Sofia Ruggeri xx