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Goddess Pele Gemstone Statement Earring

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Awaken your inner fire goddess with our Pele inspired Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz and Pyrite Hand Beaded Statement Earrings. Earring Length 9.5cm and width 5cm.

Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of Strength. call upon Pele to assist you in unlocking and honoring your true self and place in the world. This Fire goddess is the voice of confidence and encourages you to persevere through any obstacles on your path and provide strength not to give up just before you reach the destination of your dreams.

Pyrite's magical properties ~ Pyrite is the stone for Willpower. Possessing fire & earth energy it increases vitality & aids in alleviating tiredness & fatigue. It increases your level of energy which allows you to get through your daily activities with ease. The solar energy within this stone enhances your efficiency at manifesting your strongest desires. 

Tiger Eye's Magical properties ~ Tiger Eye is the stone for Courage & Strength. This stone gifts you with the qualities of a Tiger - patient, focused, determined, alert & to act with slow deliberate action. Bringing mental clarity, activating intellect & sharpening logic it will help you to remain grounded, calm & centred in any situation. 

Smoky Quartz's Magical properties ~ Smoky Quartz is the stone for grounding & centreing. This powerful stone acts as circuit allowing you to absorb & utilise high frequency energy making it very useful for all kinds of spiritual work & development as it is anchors your energy into earth so you can absorb new energies.

Veluna is handcrafted in Australia with carefully selected high grade gemstones. All gemstones are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the shown image. To achieve the maximum potential from the healing powers of the gemstones, all stones go through an energy cleansing and activation process.