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Golden Age Birthstone Necklace

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The Golden Age Birthstone necklace features 3-4mm real semi-precious birthstones beaded on ultra fine 24ct Gold plated Surgical Steel chain to maintain its shine and prevent tarnishing. Finished with a lobster clasp with a length of 40cm and an additional 5cm adjustable chain, this necklace can be worn as a choker or necklace and easily adjusted for the perfect fit.

Handmade in Australia

January - Garnet
February - Amethyst
March -  Aquamarine 
April - Herkimer Diamond 
May - Emerald 
June - Pearl 
July - Ruby
August - Peridot 
September - Sapphire 
October - Tourmaline 
November - Citrine
December - Turquoise

Herkimer Diamond's Magical properties ~ Herkimer ‘Diamond’ is the stone of Pure White Light. These diamond like stones are high vibrational crystals, they support in the release of unconscious fears & help in the overall expansion of your being. Emanating the brightest crystal light, they help to purify your energy field & attune you to the divine. 

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Veluna is handcrafted in Australia with carefully selected high grade gemstones. All gemstones are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the shown image. To achieve the maximum potential from the healing powers of the gemstones, all stones go through an energy cleansing and activation process.