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Gems of a Golden Age Zodiac Pendant

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Star Sign

Crafted using 18k Gold and Surgical Steel, this necklace showcases a 2mm Flat Snake Chain or 1mm Cable Chain adorned with a Zodiac symbol and sparkling cubic zirconia. The final touch is a luxurious 18 carat Gold anti-tarnish plating and an adjustable length of 45-50cm.

ARIES ~ Ruled by Mars, they are the go getter’s of the zodiac. Aries are fiercely ambitious, radiate confidence, are fiery courageous and determined.

TAURUS ~ Ruled by Venus, Taurus are the solid ones of the zodiac. They are loving, loyal & resilient. In tune with their senses, they are down to earth, practical & reliable.

GEMINI ~ Ruled by Mercury, they are the social butterflies of the zodiac. Gemini’s are thoughtful, intelligent & brave, they radiate positivity to people that surround them.

CANCER ~ Ruled my the moon Cancer’s are the homebodies of the zodiac, they are highly intuitive. extremely loyal nurturing & deeply compassionate.

LEO ~ Ruled by the Sun, Leo's are the leader of the Zodiac. Always on the move, they are full of magnetic energy. They are honourable, warm devoted & courageous.

LIBRA ~ Ruled by Venus, Libras are the diplomat of the zodiac. They kind and compassionate, yet bold and strong. They strive to create balance & harmony in their life.

VIRGO ~ Ruled by Mercury,Virgo’s are the perfectionist’s of the zodiac turning everything they touch to Gold. They are loyal, intelligent, lively, curious & passionate.

SCORPIO ~ Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio’s are the intuitive sign of the zodiac. They are charismatic & daring with a depth & mystery which magnetically draws people to them.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Ruled by Jupiter, Sag’s are the lucky sign of the zodiac. Optimistic, cheerful, genuine and sophisticated, Sagittarius have a vibrant energy that is free like a bird.

CAPRICORN ~ Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn's are the warrior’s of the zodiac. They are independent and thrive on their own, they are intelligent, resilient and tenacious.

AQUARIUS ~ Ruled by Uranus, they are the visionaries of the zodiac. One of a kind, Aquarian’s are unique, independent, optimistic & wise and like to live life their own way.

PISCES ~ Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. Highly intuitive & sensitive they live between two worlds are empathetic & have a  deep sense of kindness.

Veluna is handcrafted with carefully selected high grade gemstones. All gemstones are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the shown image. To achieve the maximum potential from the healing powers of the gemstones, all stones go through an energy cleansing and activation process.